False Alarm!

What a week! On Tuesday I went in to my weekly prenatal visit and the doctor said I was almost 3 cm dilated already. That was a shock since I was 3 weeks early for the due date at that point. I left excited and amped-up to get everything totally ready for baby, who seemed like he or she was coming anytime this week!

That night, I labored all night with contractions, and the next day was tired, but still on enough adrenaline to keep doing the normal daily stuff with my other 3 kids like walk them to school, take Becca to the park, get errands done and help with homework.

The next night, laboring again, I had to take a cold shower just to get up in the morning. Everything moved a little slower, but my spirits were still high, and I kept my mind in the game with the family just to enjoy that last (???) day with everyone in the current family configuration.

Next night, more labor, less sleep, bad morning… felt like I was walking through sludge. Cried at breakfast. Not so much on the ball with the family! Hello?? Wasn’t this baby supposed to be coming at some point?

That brought me to Friday morning. I was exhausted and felt like I’d been hit by a bus. I just wanted to escape the kids and everything I had to do around home. I couldn’t see going through another night or week or even two of this craziness! And all the while, I had scripture references running through my head – all the passages about how the earth is laboring like a woman in childbirth, waiting for the return of the Lord.

Then I woke up on Saturday with a a totally different perspective. It was a wonderful gift from the Lord. I thought, maybe it was supposed to be this way because there were things I am meant to do before baby. So I decided to l look for something every day that was a good reason to not be in the hospital yet. Later that morning, while walking around the neighborhood with my daughters, I found a double stroller for sale at a garage sale. I had really wanted one but hadn’t had the energy to go out shopping for one in the recent weeks, but there it was, in my own neighborhood, in great condition, for only $20! What a blessing! Then we got to go to dinner that night for our dinner club and enjoy our best friends and some wonderful conversation that I would have truly missed if I had been in the hospital that evening. Today I went to costco and stocked up on lots of things that will help after baby, something I’d put off and would really have regretted after the little one arrives.

I have to admit, even though it’s tiring doing labor this way, it was worth it to have some more time to get ready, both physically and emotionally. Now I’m feeling much more ready for the coming week, whatever it brings!

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