Do You Overthink Life? {Jennifer Janes on Living Quirks Well}

{Image: nastia / 123RF Stock Photo}

{Image: nastia / 123RF Stock Photo}

True confessions: I wish I kept a roll of duct tape in my purse. For my mouth.

One moment I’ll be talking about God’s heart for people and His design for their quirks (see recent radio interview below), then out comes something so tactless or goofy I want to grab my duct tape and stop the verbal hemorrhage before it makes a mess!

You many not relate with my open-mouth-insert-foot quirk, but you’ve got some weirdness about you too. We all do. Maybe you

  • compulsively organize things in your house (which spills into trying to organize people or relationships too).
  • instinctively see the best way to handle a situation (and get annoyed when others don’t see that obvious truth!)
  • prefer to read or listen to people than to talk to them (which sometimes leaves you wondering if anyone cares about you or your story and struggles at all).

Or, maybe your weirdness is more like that of my friend, Jennifer Janes—writer, home schooler, and parent of a child with special needs. Her quirk is one people often lament about, and I love how Jennifer is learning to love that part of her God-given design!Jennifer Janes

I have often been accused of being too analytical and overthinking things. I’ve always seen this as a negative about myself, but as I read Your Weirdness is Wonderful, I realized that what can be negative is also a big positive in my life. Because of my tendency to analyze things, to think about them almost obsessively, to research until I’m satisfied that I have the answers I’m seeking, I’ve been able to be a strong advocate for my daughter who has special needs. Along with the intuition God gifts parents with, my analytical nature has led to finally getting the correct diagnosis, and, consequently, the right treatment for my daughter’s needs more times than I can count.

If it weren’t for my dogged determination and my ability to correctly describe her symptoms, do internet research, compare her symptoms to what I learn, and bring it all together, we wouldn’t be as far along in figuring out what’s going on and dealing with it.

Reading Laurie’s book has helped me to see my analytical nature as being a gift God gave me, one that He knew I would need to be the advocate my daughter needs. It’s a blessing, and I’m thankful for it.

Realizing that some of my biggest negative traits are also some of my greatest strengths is a freeing thought. As I realize this and begin to embrace who I am, exactly as God made me, allowing Him to show me how to harness my weirdness for His wonderful purposes, I become more comfortable in my own skin and am actually grateful for my quirks.

Jennifer shares more of her quirks story and some of those great and plentiful thoughts over at her site. Read more here.

What about yourself do you wish you could change? What if you stopped fighting that part of you, and asked God to help you live that weirdness wonderfully instead?

– Laurie

Check out the interview I had this week on Tremendous Life Radio! Thoughts on living “wierdiful” with God, background on my quirky marriage and family, and a bit about my new book, Why Your Weirdness Is Wonderful.

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  1. MotheringFromScratch says

    {Melinda} This is such an exciting week for you, Laurie! I’m so excited for you. Your unique perspective and brand of wisdom and encouragement will and has impacted so many lives! <3

    • says

      It really has been a party this week, hasn’t it?? I’m so blessed by everyone who has been with me, encouraging and supporting and sharing about it. Can’t wait to see what God does!

  2. Denie Sidney says

    What a wonderful perspective! I will walk in my weirdness, ask God to harness it for His divine purpose and remember that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Thanks!