Do Whatever It Takes {words4weekends}

“When struck by the hammer blow of fate, some people go numb, some laugh, some cry.” – John A. Sarkett*

Or, we do all three… mixed with about a dozen other reactions.

We may even need to go through those reactions a few (or many) times to face and overcome this fear… this foible… this foe.

Guilt will try to muscle its way in. Thoughts like:

“I shouldn’t still feel this way.”

“If I really trusted God, I’d stop struggling with this.”

“I can’t admit to friends that I’m still struggling. What would they think?”

It’s crap. All of it. And it’s not Biblical.

God isn’t in the business of making happy-faced copycats. He’s in the business of digging into the hard stuff we’re facing—right here with us—for as long as it takes to see His redemption and healing.

So screw the guilt. Screw what others think about the process you’re going through and the feelings you have today, tomorrow… in a year.

Let yourself be what you are today so you can grow into what you hope for tomorrow.

You won’t stay here forever, friend. Trust me on that.

– Laurie

*Sarkett is the author of Extraordinary Comebacks: 201 Inspiring Stories of Courage, Triumph and Success

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  1. says

    “Do whatever it takes” EXACTLY! When I began experiencing incredible healing in my life it was after I came to that same conclusion. We have to approach and take healing this seriously. Great reminder. Thanks,