Bonding Time: How I’m holding it together with four kids at home during the summer

Stay-cations, play-cations, get-a-waycations

one-on-one getaways with the kids every other week

serves two purposes: gives mom and kid time to hang out and know each other better one-on-one, and helps mom stay sane during the summer while all kids are present and accounted for at home for weeks on end.

The recipe?

One 1/2 day (4- hours)

One child

One mom

One babysitter (or friend, grandmother, neighbor) to watch all other kids in family

1/2 unstructured time, 1/2 planned activity,

something we both enjoy (art – Neveah, being outside – Angel, movies – Becca)

something we have never done before (dinner and harbor cruise with Angel, art class at library with Neveah, beach with Becca)

base it on the individual

oldest can’t handle too much stimulation so I coupled our getaway with detailing my car. walked around the area for 2 hours, walking, checking out shops, looking for new types of flowers, reading library books we’d brought and pondering how we’d create the illustrations we saw in them.

Middle is bright, adventurous and high energy so we went downtown where we could do lots of stuff in a couple of hours for little money. things like the park in front of the New Children’s Museum, then walking to the Hyatt at the marina and riding up to the 40th floor to see the panoramic view, then taking a 1 hour harbor cruise (bygo ticket coupon!), and dinner at spaghetti factory.

Becca loves playing make believe and watching movies. So first we went to the beach and made figures in the sand, buried each other up to our waists over and over, and created stories for kelp and shells on the shore. She is a little wary of water lately since she loves to visit the aquarium and therefore knows how many different kinds of things live in the ocean. (We haven’t quite learned that not ALL of them like the shore where she swims :). After the beach, we went to the movies and saw the new Ice Age film, where we had hotdogs and popcorn for lunch.

Oh, that’s the other rule: They can eat more fun stuff on our dates then during their normal lives. I don’t force the veggies or milk or whatever is the food battle du jour…

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