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No matter how hard it is today, there is HOPE for your family. {Image Credit: BabyCenter}


As a mom of four, I’m becoming a pro at living by the seat of my pants! But as the mom of two foster-adopted daughters, I know that a joy-filled life requires some intention and strategy. Those two ingredients can be the difference between feeling like I’m getting run over by a truck and seeing God’s power poured out in our lives.

Below are some resources on intentional parenting that I recommend if you’re raising a “tough nut”–a child who lives life in alphabet soup (ADHD, ODD, GAD, ASD, LD, SPD…), is simply extra-spirited, or especially if you’ve got more than one!


Figuring out what your child’s good at (so you can focus more on that than what’s making you crazy):

  • Chapman, Gary, M.D and Ross Campbell, M.D. The Five Love Languages of Children. Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell, 1997.
  • Gallup Youth Development Specialists. Strengths Explorer. Gallup Organization, 2007.
  • Kurcinka, Mary Sheedy. Raising Your Spirited Child: A Guide for Parents Whose Child is More Intense, Sensitive, Perceptive, Persistent, Energetic. Harper Collins, 1991.
  • {to read to/with your child, even if they’re an obstinate teen… when you just need them to know you love them anyway} McCourt, Lisa and Cyd Moore. I Love You Stinky Face. Scholastic, 1997.

Awesome discipline books (that even work with foster and adoptive children who struggle with attachment):

  • Cline, Foster, M.D. and Jim Fay. Parenting With Love and Logic. Pinon Press, 1990.
  • Faber, Adele and Elaine Mazlish. Siblings Without Rivalry: How to Help Your Children Live Together So You Can Live Too. Harper-Collins, 1998.
  • MacKenzie, Robert. Setting Limits with Your Strong-Willed Child : Eliminating Conflict by Establishing Clear, Firm, and Respectful Boundaries. Prima Publishing, 2001.

If you’re considering adopting an older child or you’ve got a newly placed foster child, these should be required reading:

  • Hughes, Daniel. Building the Bonds of Attachment: Awakening Love in Deeply Troubled Children. Jason Aronson, Inc., 2006.
  • Marner, Kay and Adrienne Ehlert Bashista (editors). Easy to Love but Hard to Raise: Real Parents, Challenging Kids, True Stories. DRT Press, 2012.


Laurie’s Resources:

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  • Individual and group coaching – I offer individual coaching (by phone, Skype or instant message) and group coaching, as well as small and large group events. Are you part of a group of moms who would like a workshop on joy-filled, effective parenting for challenging kids? Contact me to set up a private group event or find out more about individual coaching.
  • YouTube channel  – short videos with strategies to deal with specific challenging behaviors in kids and ideas to overcome life obstacles. {If you have a specific topic you’d like to see addressed here, please contact me to request it}.

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