A Shout-Out to 7 Bloggers Who Make a Difference

The kids and I are visiting my mom this week. While we’re away, I wanted to introduce you to 7 special people I’d love for you to meet. I created an award just for them.

The Story of Living Power and This Award…
Four years ago, when I first considered the name for this blog, I chose a theme that encompassed what I wanted most in my own life… and to share with others:

  • Living: thriving, vitality, joy… a sense of dynamically engaging life instead of simply existing.
  • Power: the impact we can have in the lives of others as we live in the power of God and in the unique strengths He’s given each of us.

“Living Power” is a commitment to live and support others in living our God-inspired best no matter what life brings.

I’ve met dozens of people who share this vision, and for that I’m deeply grateful. I wish I could share every one of their sites here (but, as I’ve written recently, I’m learning to get more sleep!) Today I’m giving a shout out to 7 of them – some I’ve known for a while, and others I’ve met recently – in no particular order.

Spread the Love! 
To my award winners – Thank you for all you do to help others live powerfully, and for making a difference in my life! If you feel led, please write a short post on your blog with the following:
  1. A mention/link back to the site from which you were nominated.
  2. A few sentences about the purpose and vision of your blog, or your hope for your readers.
  3. Give a shout out (with a link) to 5 others who you feel make a powerful difference in the lives of their readers.

There’s Always Reason to Celebrate People
It’s easy to go through life without celebrating people. Not just on their birthdays or because of certain achievements, but simply for who they are in our lives on a regular basis. Today, choose to celebrate at least one person who makes a difference in your life with a quick note, email or phone call.  

Who (on- or offline) would you nominate for making a difference in the lives of others?


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