A Glutton for Criticism

You’re probably one of those people who eats criticism for breakfast, right?

Yeah, me neither.

Turns out that as much as I don’t like criticism, my life keeps right on pushing me toward more and more these past few years. In fact, I’m beginning to realize I’m a glutton for criticism. First, I became a parent. As all parents know, that’s like wearing a “Hello, please give me advice” badge on your forehead. And, to make it worse, I started by adopting two foster kids as toddlers. Foster + Toddler = are you crazy?! major criticism from everyone wondering why your kids act like traumatized E-woks challenging.

Then I decided to take on a hobby: public speaking. Not the least high-profile thing one could do to avoid critical comments. Then I decided to fight for my oldest daughter’s education to help her learn in spite of her developmental delays. Then, as a 35 year old woman I became a life coach. Which raises a few eyebrows since, well, it’s not like I’m 70 and have 5 decades of adult experience to share with clients.

And to top it off, I recently decided to write my first book. So I went to a writer’s conference last weekend to get rejected off my @$$ feedback on my proposal from editors.

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