5 Ways To Send Perfectionism Running

{Image credit: andresr / 123RF Stock Photo}

{Image credit: andresr / 123RF Stock Photo}

What do you want in life?

It’s a simple question, but not an easy one. It likely brought ideas to mind right away. Or perhaps you’re already pursuing something you’ve always wanted to do, and the question makes you back up and evaluate if you’re headed toward that dream.

No matter where you are in the process, one question sits ready to pounce on us as soon as we admit what we want:

What will you DO about it?

And that question? That’s the one that invites Perfectionism in. It’s the one that opens wide the door for a tsunami of “shoulds” to drown us. To soak our dreams to the point that we can’t even remember what they were, we’re so overwhelmed with the mess.

As I work on one of my dream babies, I’m feeling it daily, friends. It’s no fun. But you know what? We don’t ever have to let the wave overwhelm us. Ever.

How to unfriend Perfectionism when it shows up at your door:

  • Pretend you’re not home. Don’t even acknowledge Perfectionism standing there. Run to the back of the house and sit in the quiet and be ready with a pen and paper to write what’s next on the way to the dream.
  • Tell it you’re too busy. Then close the door, go set a timer and put 10 more minutes in to the next small step toward your dream.
  • Ask it to come back after the dream’s a reality. Then you’ll be happy to listen to its whining because you’ll be in a great mood, having accomplished something really important to you.
  • Point it in the direction of someone who cares what it has to say. Like the rats at the nearest county dump.
  • Look at it like you don’t speak Perfectionese. Wait for it to turn and leave in frustration.

See what we’re doing here? This making fun of something huge? It may seem like a game, but it’s a great way to get back to feeling in your heart what you probably already know in your mind to be true:

That you have everything you need to do the work you’re called to do. (2 Corinthians 9:8)

That, in God, you are perfect–complete–already. (2 Corinthians 12:9)

And, beyond that, you are loved wildly, profoundly… all of you, regardless of anything you say or do. (Jeremiah 31:3)

So go ahead and do it today, friend. Slam that door on Perfectionism. Unfriend it and get back to taking that next step–however large or small it is–toward the desire of your heart.

– Laurie

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