30 Days To Enjoying Your Children More

What if it’s not as much of a trade off as we think? {Photo from http://fiveintow.com}

If you’re a mom, you know the conundrum: Will we keep life in order? Or will we play with the kids more? During the holidays, it becomes even more confusing: Will we attend [insert holiday event here]? Make [insert baked good here]? Host [insert group here]?

Or …will we actually enjoy time with our family?

Is it either/or? Is it both/and??

All the trade offs and mental gymnastics can leave us sapped of joy, and exhausted before we even get started!

Which is why I’m glad for people like Kristen Glover, who take the time to struggle through and spell out the possibilities for us—in practical, humorous ways. I’ll let her tell you more about her new blog series, and how it can help with this age-old challenge:


About every week, my mother-in-law takes my five children for a whole day. She takes them to her house where they are spoiled to within an inch of their lives. She feeds them sugar and lets them watch movies until their eyes glaze over. She takes them to playgrounds and parks and museums, and plays games with them that would drive me crazy.

The kids look forward to Nana Day all week and talk about it for the entire week after. For three days after they come home from her house, they call me Nana. “Nana?  I mean, Mom?” They say.

I have to admit I was a little jealous of their routine at first. It was really lovely to see her so involved, but I was jealous of the fact that going to Nana’s house was the highlight of the week for my children. I envied that she could play with the kids and spoil them like crazy with no thought to whether or not the laundry had been done.

I wanted to enjoy my children the way my mother-in-law did. I was convinced that if I did, I would glorify God more in my home. But, then, who would do the dishes? Or make the lunches? Or rescue the cat from the toddler??

Enjoying my children was far down the list of priorities, and I realized I was becoming afraid they’d be all grown up before I finally found the time. It occurred to me that I would never get around to enjoying my children without making some intentional changes in my attitudes and actions.  I did not want to wait until they were older to enjoy them. I wanted to learn how to enjoy them while they were still little, and that was going to take some work.

My new blog series—30 Days to Enjoying Your Children More—is coming straight out of this struggle to change my enjoyment of my children from a nice extra to an essential part of my mothering. It will engage the crucial aspects of having a right perspective and a godly priority to the practical implications of how food and rest affects life at home. And it leans into knowing that when we desire to walk in God’s ways, He is faithful, and straightens our path.

If you’re a mother struggling to enjoy your children in the midst of the mess, I hope you will come along with me as we learn to glorify God by enjoying our children more.

After all, the “Nana’s” shouldn’t be the only ones having all the fun!


Kristen Glover is a pastor’s wife, award-winning author, and homeschool mom of five kids. When she is avoiding dishes, she writes stories for her blog, runs away to speak at women’s retreats, or just eats chocolate. In addition to being a pastor, Kristen’s husband is an Army chaplain. He is currently in a training program in South Carolina and won’t be home until Christmastime. This means Kristen’s chocolate consumption has been at an all-time high lately (don’t judge).  She loves to cook, garden, and decorate her home. But cleaning it—not so much.

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  1. MotheringFromScratch says

    {Melinda} This series sounds wonderful. We can so often feel the responsibility so strongly to raise godly children and to take care of the house, be good wives, etc., work, etc. that we can’t just relax long enough to have fun with our children.