3 Questions to Untangle Your Story and Find Your Purpose

Your life has a point. And everything about you has something to do with it. The music you love. The things that freak you out. Your favorite hobbies. Your job. What you think about. The classes you took during college. The summer job that had nothing to do with anything (you thought). And even that weirdo you dated in high school.

It all has a point.

If you’re like me, you might be thinking, “yeah, right.” Because how exactly could all those parts of our lives be related anyway? And how could they possibly matter today in my real life?

I asked myself that question one night four years ago as I stared at my new, empty blog. Why’d I even start this, anyway? Everything was in pieces around me (literally… my house flooded a few months before). My youngest, just a year old, was having unexplained seizures. I had two foster daughters who I was to adopt that summer, but something was clearly wrong with my oldest (the bipolar, ADHD and RAD diagnoses came later). I didn’t think I could go through with the adoption. In fact, I didn’t think I could go through with any of it.

That season seemed to be another random, disconnected part of my life to stash away in a box in the mental attic. Just like eating rock salt out of the sidewalk when I was a preschooler. Or hiding a stray kitten in my room during junior high. Or struggling through my parents’ divorce.

Then I did something really hard. It started as an assignment from a class – to make a time line of my life and look for where God was in it along the way. As I did that, I went a step further and asked Him to show me what was the point of it all. I asked these questions:

  1. What words have described my life through time?
  2. What experiences have I had and what did I gain from them?
  3. What ideas and experiences inspire me?

I looked at the whole picture once it was done and saw – over and over – “coach” “teacher” “inspirer” “supporter.” In my role as the oldest sibling growing up. As a teacher’s assistant in middle school. Swim team captain in HS. Swim coach afterward and then RA (in charge of helping college freshmen find their fit on campus), then teacher. After that, as an AVID coach where I taught… and adopting foster kids… Even the random photography studio job where I helped create settings that reflected and supported each subject’s uniqueness.

My whole life was one huge becoming. It all mattered. Every single part. Just like every part matters in yours.

And what of the tough season in which I started this blog? It gave me a passion to help others get through challenges and grief – to get unstuck and enjoy their life again – however I can.

That’s why I started this business – this speaking, coaching, and blogging. It’s why I’m so excited to celebrate a year of unbelievable opportunities and new relationships. A year that’s begun to untangle my life story and give purpose for the future.

What do you see when you consider those questions in your life?


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  1. says

    Happy one year anniversary, Laurie.

    I can relate to this post. Been in a gnarly season that is so tangled it seems impossible to answer these questions. Perhaps in time?

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. says

    Oh, Laurie. We've never met in person. Still I think we have much in common. Your blog post reminds me of the 5 step process of The Intentional Woman workbook I co-wrote. Step 1: Come As You Are Today, Step 2: Celebrate Your Yesterdays, Step 3: Commit It All To God, Step 4 Consider Your Options, Step 5 Clarify Your Next Steps. 🙂 I like your 3 questions!
    And Happy 1 year anniversary.

  3. says

    Hi Laurie, I have just started a new blog that has been empty since last week. I have other blogs, but this one has a special purpose I am sure, just not sure what it is yet! =) So, you have given me a great starting point! Thank you!