12 Days of Christmas, An Interview and Other Tidbits

Hello dear friends! 

This is my last post of 2011 as I enjoy some time and adventures with my family.

First I wanted to thank you for sharing your heart, time and comments here throughout this year. I’m grateful for you!

Also, I’d love to invite you over to Special Happens, where Gina interviewed me this week on topics like:

  • What I think is the biggest issue facing parents of children with special needs
  • What are the recognizable signs of unmanageable stress in parents
  • A little about my own parenting journey thus far
  • What I do as a coach with parents and families

If you know anyone who’s new to special needs parenting (or simply facing a new challenge in their existing journey), please bring them along to check that interview out.

I’ll leave you and this 2011 year with my silly version of “12 Days of Christmas.” It’s become a tradition for me to write one for my family each year. You’ll notice a theme, as I apparently decided to channel Rachel Ray in my baking adventures!

Laurie’s 12 Days of Christmas – 2011
12 Hours of baking
11 Jars of sprinkles
10 “No, don’t eat those!”
9 Loads of dishes
8 Pounds of flour
7 Pounds of butter
6 Pounds to lose now…
5 Scrumptious treats!
4 Smiling munchers
3 Mopped up floors
2 Minor burns
And a dog who snatched half of the sweets!

(Oh yes, that last part really did happen! And no, the photo isn’t of my creations. Recall: 1) the dog, and 2) my co-decorators are all 9 and under :).

If you’re new to my blog, or just want a little inspiration, I invite you to check out some of my favorite holiday posts from the archives during this blogging break:

Merry Christmas everyone! 

See you in 2012! It’s going to be a GREAT year.


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